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        Getting Started with Shopify POS Classic Shopify POS allows you to sell your products in person right from your iOS or Android devices. It will allow you to track your orders, inventory, and other sales channels all from the app. Setting Up Shopify ...
      • Delays in Uploading Photos on Mobile View

        Can multiple people log in under the same account? Yes, but multiple people under the same account can cause data to be duplicated or overwritten due to multiple browser sessions. This is why we provide individual user logins for every store. ...
      • Sign In and Customization of your Account

        Signing into your Resale Global account is as easy as 1-2-3! By going to the Resale Global site: - You can then log in with your email and password that you had used when you first registered with Resale Global. ...
      • Inviting Consignors and Employees

        Inviting Consignors Consignors are individuals in your store that send you items for you to sell on your store. To an invite someone to become a consignor for you store, you can do so through a multitude of methods;  Method 1 - Invite Consignor ...
      • Item Entry and Editing Items

        Item Entry Process Item entry in Resale Global is now made easier with our single page entry form, you can now enter items into your store at an even faster rate Select the Incoming Inventory tab From here, click the Actions button and select Receive ...